Near the Turnpike Lane and also close to Finsbury Park is situated the residential area of London called Harringay. Compared to many other districts, it is not close to the Charing Cross, still it has good location and is forming its own center for life, shopping and entertainment. The Green Lanes is major landmark in the district. It is mostly famous as shopping area, but it became much more than this during the years. The lane is very busy and is looking more and more cosmopolitan with every day. The shops that can be visited in the region have long traditions and are working in the area for many years. Take the Disney’s furniture store for example, that can be seen in the area – it is open for its clients ever since 1913 and is enjoying its good reputation and work even today. The street has gathered everything on one place – there are the usual nice and expensive boutiques with the clothes, shoes and accessories, the groceries, bakeries and the restaurants that will host you on one of their cozy tables when you are resting from the exhausting tour up and down the street of Green Lanes. There are also several pubs and bars that can be visited in the evening.
          It is easy to understand why in the last three centuries the district was preferred amongst the Londoners as an area where they can come and relax on some of the places that were already mentioned above.
          Having in mind that you are already impatient to come and live in the area, you have to start packing right away your house belongings. No packing goes without packing materials. There are few essential things to supply with prior to every moving. The cardboard boxes are mandatory. Small, large or medium sized – they can all be in use. The reason why boxes are so popular is the fact that things are easily put inside them, they can be ordered and what is even more important – they can be easily found after that, because when you look inside the box, you can see everything that is in there. The cardboard boxes are proper for light and heavy stuff. They can also successfully transport fragile items, and here comes the time to mention the second important thing to supply for the movement. These are the dividers. They are used to be put between two glasses or dishes. Because the glass and porcelain can be easily damaged, they have to be carefully protected. The dividers will not let them rub into each other, so when you open the boxes you will only be looking at pieces of glass.
          When you are transporting fragile things that are empty inside, you should use the third essential packing material – packing paper (or newspaper). You should stuff up these objects to decrease the pressure on the glass in case there is some during the transportation.
           The bubble paper – this is the fourth in the list. It is very interesting for the children who will be cracking the bubbles long after the moving is over. But it is one material for packing with multiple uses. You can wrap everything with it and it will be protected very well, because the bubbles will take the pressure from the object.
          Last but not least is the tape. There is no special type of this material to be used. It can be transparent, black, white and any other color, as long as it holds the stuff you put it on.
          Do not forget to take some labels and markers. They are not quiet materials for packing but are very useful.

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