We all fear moving house, but it is a necessary evil in life, and it can often result in a great deal of happiness as you get to start your new life in your new house. We’ve compiled an Uxbridge moving checklist which will make your life a lot simpler during the move, as you will have had a think about everything in advance. Feel free to adapt the list and make it your own so that it will always work for you. Get a friend of relation to look over the list when you have made it suit you, as there may be things that we have missed off that you didn’t spot!

1.    Get your removal company sorted as long in advance as possible! Give yourself a couple of months to get a quote, compare prices and settle on the right service for. Then spend the rest of the time leading up to the move getting to know the head of the operation, and planning out every detail of the move day. You will not regret being vigilant and getting in to the nitty gritty when the big day comes!
2.    Source your packing materials well, by comparing prices and attempting to find recycled ones for cheap. This process can also help you in being a greener mover in general. Avoid using loads of bubble wrap, paper will often do, and plastics can often be expensive as well as polluting. Save all of your boxes if you can, as once you have moved, you will know that everything fits in to them and you shouldn’t have to buy many more boxes when you next move.
3.    Get all of the clutter out of your life! Have a yard sale or go to a car boot event. Price your junk low and it should sell nicely. For more expensive items or collectables, sell them online or at specialist auctions. If you have antiques then have them appraised so that you know their true worth before you let them go for nothing!
4.    get rid of the kids! If you have young kids, they can get very confused and upset by the upheaval of a move, not to mention bored, as you will be very busy with all of the stresses associated with the move. Having small children underfoot when your removal men are attempting to move heavy items can result in some nasty accidents as well, so ship them off to a relative or a nanny for the day. If you can’t find someone to look after them, then make sure that they are distracted somehow, with a DVD or a computer game to play with. Keep them stocked with drinks and snacks and they should be happily out from under your feet. Just don’t forget about them and leave them behind!
5.    Get to know your new property before you arrive there. Sometimes you will be moving a great distance and this will be difficult, but it is worth it if you can manage. Getting the boiler and other appliances appraised before you move in is a must, as wella s getting insulation and double glazing checked. Getting these things sorted before the move will avoid the mess of attempting to get building work done while all of your belongings are taking up space. Look into parking restrictions in the area and avoid getting landed with a fine for the van being sat outside of your new property on the day of the move.
6.    RELAX! getting stressed and panicked will only make the move more difficult and ruin relationships with your family and the movers, so be calm and remember that it will all be over in no time!

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