There are many parts in the world that are known to be preferred for the residencies of the famous and rich people, like Hollywood actors. The Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are just some of them. Of course the French Riviera is very important, especially for those with boats and yachts. When talking about such places in the British capital, the name of the Belsize Park is surely amongst the first to think of. Actually the impression of this side of London being home for many celebrities was one more time proved by the rumors that American star Cameron Diaz is about to move in the area.
          To give more detailed description of the district it has to be said that it is situated in the north-west part of the town. Besides being the celebrities’ most favorite parts of the capital, it is also the place, which provides the best views over the Central London side.
          People have to know that when moving to Belsize Park and waiting to meet someone famous, Cameron Diaz is not the only option. No matter how rich and well known in Hollywood the American stars are, they often do not feel their career complete until they do not make a break in some of the European scenes. The London movie and theatre industry seems to be very appealing for them and not only Diaz was attracted by the opportunities. For short or long period many other famous people lived in the area. Some of them are Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, the Gallagher brother, Hugh Laurie, Sean Bean and the list goes on and on.   
         After you have read all of the above for the neighborhood you have just arrived to, you will be very happy to start unpacking right away. Let us say that the services of the moving company have been great, you are absolutely satisfied with the result, the new house is great and you can not wait to get inside and start living. It sounds great, but incase you have kids wandering around all the time, touching this and that, pulling and pushing things, you have to be extra precautious. Even though the guys from the removing company, who will be unloading, are very experienced, the responsibility for the kids is yours. Do not let the children run in their legs, because you do not need any accidents at this moment. Incase you do not have extra people, who can take care of them, and you still have to be available for the removers to help them out, send the kids with some boxes in their new room or rooms. Pick boxes that contain their stuff, and tell them to unpack. Use the fact that the kids like to explore and engage their attention with this action. This will let you do some useful things.
          Children love to feel important and do stuff, similar to the things that the grown-ups do. This makes them feel proud. They will like the fact that the responsibility for their new room and its order will be in their hands.
          Keep in mind that you will not have more than half an hour up to one hour at the most to bring inside the heavy things, that are the most dangerous for the children. Ask the guys from the removing company to take them first.
          To win time for the next day, arrange some boxes, which are not too heavy, in the kids’ room and make them look like a tunnel. It will be great joy and playing for the children and time for you to arrange other things.

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