With so much to focus on during domestic removals, health and safety can be one of the first things to slip. Because a house move is so hectic and can be so chaotic, it can be easy enough to pick up a health concern and easy to forget about it until it’s a bigger problem. If you are about to embark on a move then one of the things which you should be thinking of is the prevention of some of the more common complaints. If you would like to make sure that your move goes as well as possible, what are the top five medical complaints which you should be aware of during domestic removals?

A common enough problem in day to day life, it can be very easy for a headache in any form to creep into your house move. A headache during a difficult process such as moving home can slow you down massively and can make simple thing like moving boxes all the more difficult. If you are worried that a headache might strike, make sure to drink plenty of water and to distance yourself from loud, intrusive noises. Hearing protection can be helpful and can make sure that you avoid the threat of headaches when moving home.

One of the less obvious threats to your wellbeing when moving home is stress. Stress can be something which creeps into your day to day life without you realising it. The circumstances which cause stress are often the same kinds of circumstances which lead you to distraction. The process of packing up everything that you own and moving it into another property is a complicated one and one which will take up a great deal of your thoughts. If you want to avoid stress, make sure that you take frequent breaks and look into the possibility of professional help.

Back pain
Perhaps the most frequent issue facing those who are moving home is one which is particularly threatening to those who are about to do a lot of heavy lifting, in other words, those who will be moving home. With a large amount of boxes and furniture to move, lifting everything yourself can often lead to a lot of strain placed on your spine, especially if you are not aware of the correct technique for lifting heavy objects. If you find yourself needing to do a great deal of lifting, researching the proper technique is essential.

Cuts and scrapes
One of the more obvious medical problems which can crop up during the moving process is a cut or a scrape. With a lot to move and a lot of lifting and using your hands, it is likely that you will be subjecting yourself to the possibility of catching yourself on a sharp edge or corner. To prevent this, it can be beneficial to wear protective clothing such as gloves in order to reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

Not having the right supplies
A big problem facing those moving home is that they don’t have the correct medical supplies to hand during the process. It could be a plaster for a cut or a tablet for a headache, but it is likely that it has already been packed away. Because of this, it can help to make sure that you have a smaller medical kit set aside with some essentials inside in order to make sure that you have the best possible resources should anything go wrong. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, putting the right treatments into the box is also advised.

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