So you’ve chosen the north London area with postcode N16 for your future house or flat? There are lots of things to take care of before you can sit down, relax and enjoy your new home with your family. However, do not fear the changes and the tasks – all relocations are time-consuming, costly and tiresome. The more prepared you are for the house move the easier it will go. It’s important to be aware of the different stages of a house move and what you need to take care of before the actual moving day comes.
Choosing the moving date is only one of the tens of dozens of moving tasks you have to organize carefully and in full detail. The following checklist for your move will help you stay focused and in charge of everything that is happening during the moving process. It’s normal to forget something and to make a mistake and that’s why following a complete checklist is essential for your success.
One of the things you need to do is send change of address letter to some services and institutions: magazines and newspapers you are subscribed to, friends and relatives, credit card accounts, charge accounts, post office and others. Do that at least a month before the moving date to ensure that there is plenty of time for the changes to be updated. It’s easier to do it weeks prior to the move when you still can focus on each detail and your life hasn’t become one huge hectic process of packing and rushing.
Another important place that you need to notify of your upcoming relocation are banks, so you can transfer funds or arrange check cashing to be transferred to the new city. Same applies for insurance documents – notify your provider of the relocation and provide your new address. The details have to be updated on all documents – for health, life, auto and homeowner’s insurance.
Transfer your car title, its registration and tags, as well as your driver’s license and city windshield sticker. One of your biggest tasks will be to notify all utility companies and schedule cancellation of services. If you want services cancelled you need to send a letter or call at least a month before the moving out date. Services to take care of include gas, cable, light, TV, Internet, telephone, water. Change the name for the billing and ask for any available refund.
Go to your children’s school and ask for copies of their school records and transcripts. Don’t forget to call at the new school and confirm the date when your children will start. You will also need copies of medical and dental records, as well as your pet’s veterinary records. Keep all of these documents in a separate folder so you know where they are.
Don’t forget to empty the freezer and defrost the fridge two days before the moving day. All of the kitchen appliances have to be clean and dry – ready for packing and moving.
On the moving day you will need cash for tipping and payment. Carry your personal documents, valuables and jewellery with you and don’t leave them in the car if you have to stay at a hotel for a night. Arrange to leave the keys of our home with the new tenant, agent or owner.

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