When moving home it is always important to keep the amount of stuff you are taking with you to a minimum. This is even more important when moving to University where the rooms are notoriously cramped and communal space is limited. For many students the move to university will be the first time they have ever left home and with this in mind, they often don’t know how or what to pack. So here are some tips and tricks to help your student removal E14 go smoothly.
-Organise your time
Moving to E14 doesn’t get easier regardless of whether you are moving to Uni, or relocating to a different student house, so it’s best to prepare in advance and get a plan sorted. By creating a dated checklist you will be able to plan your packing and relocation and will be able to minimise last minute rushing on your final day. Make sure that your plan details everything that needs to be done so that you don’t miss anything. This is especially useful when moving student houses as it serves as a reminder to mop the floors and scrub the toilets. If you plan ahead and schedule time for these things you’re more likely to get your deposit back from your landlord.
-If you don’t need it don’t pack it
Students are famed for clinging on to unnecessary items and transporting them to and from Uni accommodation. To make your life easier you need to be brutal. If you don’t need or want it, don’t pack it. Unwanted clothes and household items can go to charity, or can be sold to friends or online for a bit of spare cash. When you finally arrive at your shoe box of a student room you’ll be glad you didn’t pack the shamrock hat from St Paddy’s day or the cardboard cut-out of forest Gump.
-Pack it properly!
As a student with little time to spare there is always the desire to just shove your things in bags and hope for the best. However, if you want any chance of finding your things let alone finding them in one piece when it comes to unpacking it all then pack it properly! Though filling bin bags full of your clothes seems like a genius idea at the time, it won’t seem so good when it rips halfway up a flight of stairs and all your new flatmates get a flash of the comfy underwear you should really bin. Collect boxes from your local supermarket or buy some from an E14 removal company. It might seem like an unnecessary expense but it’s much easier to stack and carry boxes during moving. As well as this the boxes will mean you can wrap and move fragile items safely, meaning you won’t have to spend your student loan replacing everything that got broken.
-Label everything
Though it might seem like a bit of overkill when you are moving in to a single bedroom and a shared kitchen, labelling your boxes with the contents really does help when it comes to moving and unpacking. When filling the boxes make a note of what’s inside it with a permanent pen and make sure if you take something out you adjust the list. That way when you’re stressed and rushed and your parents are under your feet you can send them off to the kitchen with your crockery in boxes whilst you have a nose around your new home. It also means you can unpack in a more space saving way, reducing the need to tip everything on the floor, instead allowing you to unpack wardrobe and desk stuff separately. Be sure to keep the boxes, shove them under your bed or store them on top of your wardrobe. That way, when you come to move out in a year you’ve already got your boxes sorted!

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