There are many things to be considering when moving to your new home in Pimlico, that is why is it always useful to create a moving checklist to work from.  This list should include the things you have to consider and make plans for in the process of moving house.  Firstly, locate which removal company to go with, this can be a tough decision, and can lead to a lot of stress and worry when it does not have to. To it often best to go with a removal company that is in the area you are moving to. In Pimlico this will save you both time and money, because the removals we will be familiar with the road and know the quickest way to get there, making it a worry you can tick off your moving checklist.  But this is not the only factor to consider, there are many other things to be looked at on the moving checklist before you make a decision.  The moving checklist should also look at expenses, your budget, the insurance available if there is any, how adequate this insurance is, also the quality of the service you are hiring. This is all time spend researching and thinking things over before making a finally decision, but it will save you time and money in the long run.  All these things factor into whether you should tip your Pimlico removal service.  Tipping can often an awkward business and most people are uncertain of how much they should tip, and how to go about it. That is why it is so important to maintain a moving checklist. This way you can see each of your priorities on paper, and ascertain if the Pimlico movers company you have chosen is meeting all the criteria. This is a good way to gage how much money you should tip, and if you are happy to do so.  If you are able to tick off most or all of the items on your moving checklist then perhaps it would be a good idea to tip the Pimlico service chosen a good amount.  If you can see your checklist requirements are met and that it was achieved with professionalism, speed, and with the best intentions for you, then it is safe to say you are not wasting money by offering a substantial tip. Alternatively, you can even decide how much you tip based on how many things were met on your moving checklist. For example if you could only tick off about half the things on your list then this suggests the service you received was adequate, but not the greatest.  Perhaps still offer a tip, but not one that is so substantial. Likewise, if you are very unhappy with the service, or you could not comfortably tick anything off on your moving checklist then tipping might not be the best idea. Also if the move to your new Pimlico area cost you more time and money then it should have, perhaps do not tip, and let the company know how you feel.  It is important that they know why they were not tipped.  Moving, and tipping will always be a bit of a hit and miss scenario, but if you have a moving checklist or guideline for yourself then at least it will be one less thing to fret about.  And will give you more time to focus on more important things, like the impact on your family, or even just the simply excitement of moving somewhere new and interesting.   Making a moving checklist is an effective way to save yourself some time.

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