The costs involved in moving home can be rather expensive, and therefore you should do whatever you can to reduce the amount that you need to pay.  If you don’t have much stuff to move to your new home in Ealing, you may be able to hire yourself a smaller van, the larger the van you hire the more it is going to cost you. Another alternative, however, is to find a removal company that offer a shared removals service, this allows you to share the costs of the removals with another person, thus reducing the amount that you need to pay.
Shared removal services are not all that dissimilar to a standard removal service, with the exception of instead of hiring the van completely, you hire a space within the removal vehicle instead.  You should still call around a number of different companies and compare the quotes that you get from each of them to ensure you are getting the best deal, however, just changing from a removals company to a shared removals will save you money.
Making the decision as to which shared removal company to hire is very similar to making the decision as to which removals company to use.  You will need to call around and obtain quotes from each of the companies, when you are on the phone to them, you should be asking them questions about the services they provide and things like insurance etc.  Here is a list of useful questions you should ask the removals company before deciding to hire them:
•    Is the removals company a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR)?  If they aren’t question why?  
•    What insurance is included or can be offered and how does this protect you and your things?
•    Will the removals company need to keep any of your things overnight?  If they do find out what happens to the things they keep?
•    What is the best price they can offer you? Here are some of the things that could mean you paying more for this service:
o    Peak Season for the removal company
o    The amount of space you require within the van.
o    Where your new property is and where you want your belongings to go.
o    Whether there are any additional services that you require such as packing and storage.  
o    How quickly you need or would like to move home.
o    If you have any ‘special’ belongings that need special care,  this includes things that are fragile or large and high in value items.
Once you have called around a number of companies and have obtained quotes and details of services, you should research your favourite companies online and read some real customer reviews to get a better idea if the service they offer is of a high standard.  Always choose a company that is established and experienced in removals. If you do have any problems, and the company is a member of the BAR association, you can complain to them, they will help you to settle any disputes whilst also protecting your deposit.
Shared removals are ideal for people who are moving into their first home and therefore have little or no belongings to take with them, or students who are moving only the essentials with them. If you are moving abroad it is likely that you will not want to move too much stuff with you, and therefore a shared removals is an ideal solution.  

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