Barnet is located in North London, and falls under the London Borough of the same name. Moving home can quickly become stressful, even when moving from one area of London to another, if you aren’t properly prepared. Below are some tips to help your relocation to Barnet go as smoothly as possible, allowing you to focus on settling in and enjoying your new home and surroundings.


Before starting any packing or booking any removals companies, try and set a budget that can be stuck to as much as possible. For an inner city move, depending on how much stuff you have to move, you may be able to find cheaper alternatives to removal companies. Get a few quotes from man and van services and removal companies, and any storage firms should you expect have to place anything in storage during the relocation. Make sure to account for packing materials and any other costs, such as pet transport or temporary care.

Saving on moving costs

Now you have a rough idea of costs, there are a number of ways you can look at reducing them. First of all, let’s look at removal companies. What can make hiring professional Barnet movers expensive is that they often charge by the day. If you’re moving from within London or are already fairly close to Barnet, the chances are you will not need a whole day to move your goods with good organisation. That said, if you have  a large family, then they could be the best option. An alternative might be to either hire a van yourself, or hire a man and a van. The advantages here are that you have much more flexibility, and with a man and a van service you will often only be charged by the hour. You should also consider how much you might be able to move via public transport. This of course should be used within reason (don’t try taking very heavy or awkward items), and can further cut down on moving expenses.

Saving on Packing Costs

Buying new packing materials from a removals company can be expensive, especially on a tight moving budget. In order to save any unnecessary costs, there are a few tricks that can be used to make sure you have decent packing materials for free. First of all, one of the best options is to keep any boxes or packaging that your new purchases are packed in. This is especially useful for things like televisions and other electronic goods, as they are normally packaged very securely. This way, you know you have boxes and packing materials that are perfectly designed to fit you appliances/goods. Another option is to ask at your local corner shop or grocery store, as they will often give you spare boxes that can be used for packing for free. Finally, rather than buying bubble wrap, simply use scrap paper or old newspaper to place around delicate goods, as they will cushion and protect the items just as well. For clothing rack garments, a simple and cheap way to pack them is to simply place a large plastic bag over them once removed from the hanging rail. This way you can leave them exactly as they are, with hanger in tact, and simply remove the bag to unpack. Utilising these options, you shouldn’t have to pay for any packing materials again, and any boxes can be folded and stored away after your move for use in the future should you need them.

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