When you are preparing to move home, the most time consuming and frustrating part of the whole process is packing up your belongings and putting them safely into boxes.  There are a number of articles detailing the best ways to protect your belongings by packing them in a specific manner, but ultimately the best thing to do, if you can afford to, is hire a professional.
There are a number of companies offering professional packing services to people moving home.  Most of these companies will be fully trained to carefully wrap and pack all of your belongings, including any expensive, fragile items, paintings, ornaments and even large items such as piano’s and flat screen televisions. Furthermore they should also be able to fully dismantle all furniture, and then rebuild it again at the new property, helping you to unpack and settle into your new home.  They will provide all packing materials, which is typically included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
As with choosing a removals company, selecting the company to do your packing for you should not be rushed into.  Get a number of quotes from well-established and reputable companies, compare the quotes not solely on the basis of price, but more importantly on the services provided.  Remember that certain things may cost you a little more, so be prepared for this.  For example:
•    The more belongings you have the longer or more man power the job is likely to require.
•    How quickly you want the job to be done. If you want the job done quicker the company may need to send more employees.
•    You may be charged more during peak season (weekends and school holidays) or on Bank Holidays, in particular Christmas.
•    If you have special items that require more attention (i.e. valuable, fragile, large etc.)
When speaking with the Packing Service provider there are some important things you should ask of them to ascertain what exactly is offered in the service provided. Write some questions down on a piece of paper before calling so you don’t forget to ask them.  Here are some good examples that you may like to print off:
•    What exactly is included in the price? Are there likely to be any additional charges such as packaging supplies (boxes etc.)?
•    Insurance. How are your belongings covered if something should happen to them, for example loss or damage?
•    What is the usual process? i.e. when can you expect them to arrive? How many people will there be? Will they be in uniform?
•    What experience do they have? How long have they been trading? Do they have any references to show you? This is to ascertain that they are a reputable and established business.
•    How long is the job likely to take?
•    Are they available to do this job before your moving date?
Once you have chosen the company you would like to do your packing for you, call them to book a date.  While you are booking ask them if you there is something that they can send to you in writing which details the terms of the agreement and payment involved, so that if the company were to try to add any charges or caused any damage or lost some of your belongings you would have some insurance.

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