Like with domestic relocations, office removals can be a stressful and time consuming task. Moving all of the contents of your place of work from one property to another can just be daunting and harrowing to think of. First you – if not you personally – have to find a new property suitable for your business’s needs and then you have to start considering the physical logistics of transporting all the chairs, desks, computers, and whatever from one place to another. However, it need not be as daunting as it may seem. If you plan it appropriately and organise it early enough, it should go quite smoothly. Below is a step-by-step plan on how to make sure your office relocation goes as swimmingly as possible.
1)    Consider how you are going to pack your items
Are you going to pack them yourself or get your staff to help with financial incentives or maybe a drink afterwards? Or are you going to hire a professional packing service to do it all for you. If your office is quite a large one, it’s probably best to get a packing service. But if it is a small office, then it might be feasible to do it yourself. It is important to decide whether you need a packing service before you go hunting for removal quotes and many removal companies will also provide a packing service that you can get a quote on.
2)    Decide on when the relocation is going to happen
Once you’ve found out your move out date for your soon-to-be old office and the move in date for your new office, it’s time to decide on what exact date and time you are going to move. This is important for two reasons; (a) because you should inform your staff as soon as possible as to when the move will be and (b) it is important to organise and the date and time so they do not conflict with working hours. The first is important so that it doesn’t disrupt your staff. If you tell them a week in advance that you’re relocating offices, then that may mess up some appointments they have with clients that they’ve arranged to take place in the soon to be old offices. The latter is important because time is money – you don’t want to waste valuable commercial hours moving officers.
3)    Get office removal quotes
And by no means accept the first quote you get as soon as you get it. In all likelihood it won’t be the cheapest. Instead ring around every conceivable removal firm operating in your area to load yourself up with quotes. You can then use these quotes against each other in order to force them down further. Remember that most removal firms can be haggled down on price. It is also important to know that it may not be the best to go with the company that has offered you the lowest quote. You will need to hire a company with vast experience in office removals, as it is quite different from Tufnell Park domestic removals. If you decided that you also require a packing service, it is best to hire a removal company Tufnell Park that also provides a packing service as you will be offered a discount if you use both services from one company.
4)    Office removal schedule and checklist
Once you know when you are going to move, how you are going to pack everything, and what Tufnell Park removal firm you are going to use, you should create a removal schedule and checklist. This will ensure that everything is organised when and where it should be, and it means you’ll be sure not to forget anything.

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