Office relocation is a difficult game, and one that should not be taken at all lightly. You will find that the best way to ensure that the whole thing goes smoothly is to have a decent plan set in place, but even before the planning stages, you may well be stuck for base rules form which to work. Everyone needs a structure, so why not have a look over the following tips and tricks for an easy and successful removal.

1.    Remember that you are moving for a reason. In business, you are likely moving office in order to make money in the long run. It does not matter whether you are scaling down for the sake of saving cash, or scaling up to bigger or better looking offices to make your company more attractive, or get a bigger work force. Do not allow the removal to get in the way of this at any point by becoming too much of a cash drain, or getting too hassle prone. Keeping this in your mind at all times will ensure that you are not at risk of things going awry.

2.    In order for this to be most likely you will need to have someone on the ground who knows the office well. You may well have an office manager employed at your firm, and this will be the person who needs to liaise with the removals company and ensure that you are getting the right levels of communication between the removals team and all areas of the staff and the office. The office manager should understand the implications of the move for all aspects of the work force, and it will be different for each division.

3.    Having a specialist removals team who are experienced in the office removal will be essential. You will find that they are much better at handling large amounts of office furniture, and will have a knack for moving expensive computer equipment, and other office technology. If you are able to get a good removals team, everything else will fall in to place pretty nicely, saving you a lot of hassle.

4.    You need to think carefully about how the office are going to take time off, and how rapidly you want the move to be done. Trying to rush it may cause issues in terms of there being accidents because of over doing it, but at the same time, letting your staff off for more than a couple of days will likely result in issues as well, as they will likely be being paid for those days. Try to organize the removal around a weekend, so that you have a couple of days either side of the job on which to get the removal sorted out, but are not concerned about wasting time by having your team off of work.

5.    One of the main aspects to consider when moving office is the speed at which you can get things back up and running again. If you still work with a paper filing system, it may be a good time to make the change to a digital one, as this will ensure that you can simply plug in and go when you arrive at the new location. You may however find that there is a lot to be said for ensuring that any system is good to go as soon as you arrive, as otherwise you are wasting precious time. Organizing the removal in a bid to get the start up as fast as possible will ensure that you are not left behind.

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