Moving home is a busy and stressful time regardless of when you decide to do it, and this is even more so the case if you decide to move during the Christmas or Easter periods.
Why do people move during the festive season?
Home prices are at their lowest price during the month of December, therefore buying during the festive season can save you a lot of money, furthermore, less people want to move in December which means that you will have less competition from other buyers for any properties that you find and like.  During the festive season people are in a happier mood and are more likely to accept an offer on the property, especially as they will be considering the amount they have spent on Christmas and the urgency this may have caused in getting the house sold.
Is there anything I should be aware of when buying and moving into a home during the festive period?
The weather is something that should be considered, it is likely to be cold regardless of what the rest of the weather is like, however, there is also a chance of some snow and/or ice and maybe even rain, all of which can hinder and slow down or even put a complete halt to your moving home. Try to check the weather forecast in advance of moving day and if there is a chance it could snow or be icy consider gritting the pathways into and out of your new and old homes. You may want to also think about getting some waterproof covers to protect your belongings from the rain, as well as some waterproof and warm clothing for you and your family. When you arrive at your new home put on the heating and get some towels and blankets to dry and warm yourselves up.
Removal companies may work on a skeleton staff basis over the festive period, you should check if this is the case with your removals company and if it is ask how this could potentially affect your move. Also enquire as to what would happen if the removal company were unable to get to you due to adverse weather conditions.
You will need to make sure your utilities are being moved over to your new property, this includes ensuring that your utility providers will be available to contact over the festive period in order to move the utilities over.  You will not be able to live in and settle into your home properly with no heating or power.
You should inform all of your family friends, especially those that send you cards/presents over Christmas, that you are moving, this includes any online orders that you have made and are awaiting to be delivered. Consider setting up a postal redirection service to prevent any of your mail going to your old home.
Make sure you still get yourself prepared for Christmas, make sure you have presents and cards for everyone in the family, ensure you have some food in the house, put decorations and a Christmas tree up in your new house to make the house feel more homely.

Whilst moving home is stressful and is likely to be your main concern whilst you are moving, try not to let Christmas pass unnoticed, especially if you have children. Moving home should affect the festive celebrations as little as possible, leave as much of the unpacking etc. as you can and focus on having some of a holiday break with your family.

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