When it comes to moving home there are so many things to think about, it is very easy to become snowed under and stressed. The best way to combat this is by anticipating the problems and tasks you are going to come across during the move. This article outlines some of the common issues people suffer when moving to Knightsbridge.
•    Not having directions and a specific route planned out to the new address can cause unforeseen problems. Arriving at your new home in the pitch black and having to unload isn’t a pleasant experience, knowing exactly where the new property is and the best route to take will solve this issue.
•    Not keeping in contact with any companies you may be using i.e. removals companies, if they cancel at the last minute because you haven’t confirmed dates with them can cause a major hiccup.
•    Unloading facilities:
o    If you have many personal possessions and furniture, this is going to require a lot of heavy lifting, checking how close you will be able to park any removals vehicles to the new property is very important.
o    Specialised moving equipment may be required to move large furniture if parking is restricted and the furniture has to be moved a long distance by hand.
•    Not loading the removal van correctly, leading to broken possessions. If you overload the van you decide to use, you are liable to receive a heavy fine and points on your licence if caught. Always read the manufacturers guidelines regarding weight limits. Also under loading the van can cause issues, if your boxes and furnishings have room to slide around during transit, chances are they will knock against each other and dent if not break.
•    Rushing the whole process is a common problem, moving is a very stressful time and can be made worse by trying to rush through it. It is when you rush that you overlook things and as the smallest of details can cause huge problems, its best to take your time.
•    Door sizes often catch people out, you may have large doors in your home and are able to fit larger than normal furniture through, when you come to fit this into the new house, and you may find you have a serious problem. Always check door and hallway sizes if you have any large furniture, dismantle whenever possible.
•    Over estimating the size of removal van required, it is very difficult to picture just how much room all your possessions take up when they are grouped together. Your best options is to walk around your house room by room and make as best an estimate as you can in meters squared, then total this up and ask the hire company to work out which vehicle will be best.
•    Not getting the correct people for a particular task. If you need gas appliances disconnecting or anything that has water or electric plumbed into it, you many required a skilled utilities engineer.
•    Forgetting to ask about insurance. It is always best to check your possessions will be fully insured as they are transported to the new property.
•    Losing required items. People offer pack documents or contracts that they may actually need on moving day it’s then a pain staking process to find them in the box piles.
•    Underestimating the manpower required. People often think they can simply move themselves into their new home and are shocked at how difficult it can be to move so many different items in one smooth process. This is why many choose to outsource this task to a removals company.

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