You may have heard of house removal companies or office removal companies, but did you know that there are companies out there offering pet removal services? Well, if you didn’t know, then this guide should inform you about pet removers, and what it is that they offer.
Pet Removal companies specialise in moving your pets. This could be during a national house move, or even if you are migrating overseas.
Over time, your pets become more than just a mere animal in your house. They become a member of the family. You start to want the best for them. Naturally, pets become accustomed to certain people, foods, environments and lifestyles. So if you thought moving houses was a stressful experience to humans, think again. Pets can become as easily distressed by moving, since they are not used to their new environment. Therefore, as an owner and pet lover, you want to try and make the transition of moving from an old house into a new one as smooth as possible for them.  
So you are deciding to move houses. You have your furniture removals sorted, your boxes are packed and you managed to hire a man with a van to get all your belongings to your new dream destination. But what about your pets? How are they going to arrive at their new house?
If you own your own vehicle you may decide that you will take it upon yourself to make sure that your pets make the big move with you. However, if your car is full of last minute unpacked belongings, family members, or you do not have a car at all, how do your pets successfully make the move with you?
That is where pet removal companies come in. Pet removers are specially trained people who are also animal lovers, making them the best at what they do. Not only do they safely move your pet to the new desired location, but they also look after your pet while it’s in their care. This means that you do not have to worry about the welfare of your pet. Your pet’s needs will be taken care of by the pet removal team.
Removal companies insist that you play your part in making your pet’s move as comfortable for them as possible. In order to do this, there are a few pointers you should note. Pets should not be fed three hours prior to the move. Your pet may experience nausea during the move due to any anxiety. Having fed your pet just before a move will mean that they are prone to vomiting.
Your pet can feel more at ease if they have with them their bed, blankets or a favourite toy. This familiarity will keep them comfortable, but will also help since your scent will be incorporated in these items. It will give your pet a sense of security.
Pets that are going to be transported in cages need to be comfortable in the cage. If they have never travelled in a cage, allow time for them to become used to being in a cage.
Bird cages should be covered with a cloth to avoid anxiety to your pets.
Ask companies about the criteria on transporting fish.
It is very easy to get a hold of pet removal companies. They are widely advertised on the internet and in phonebooks.  On websites, you will find the opportunity to read testimonials and reviews from previous customers. Pet removers are competitively priced, so it is wise to obtain a few quotes before deciding who to hire.

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