With the general public acceptance of climate change occurring in the last ten years, it should come as no surprise to find out that people are looking to cut their carbon footprint at every available opportunity. From the cars we drive, to the way we get to work, the lights bulbs we use in our home, and how we recycle – everything is changing in the direction of environmentalism. Relocating properties should be an activity that is no exception to green scrutiny. There are a number of ways you can make your move greener, here are just a few of them:
1)    Try and use as little paper as possible
When it comes to moving house, you will most likely have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. The contract for your house, the mortgage agreement, the contract with a Chelsea removal firm, an insurance policy for the move – all these things are typically on paper. But they do not have to be; in this world of electronic information, most of these tasks can be done online, which will make your move that much greener.
2)    Reuse your bubble-wrap
Bubble-wrap isn’t one and done – even if the majority of the bubbles are popped it can still be used to protect your possessions against damages. You’ll be surprised to find out how long the shelf-life is bubble-wrap. Do not be afraid to reuse it; it will do just as good as job, will save you money, and will make your relocation that much more eco-friendly.
3)    Use eco-friendly packing materials
Cardboard boxes, for example, are extremely eco-friendly as they can be either reused or easily recycled. Using tape isn’t environmentally friendly, as it can only be used once – try using rubber bands instead of tape where you can. You can use plastic containers instead of boxes, but this will only be environmentally friendly if you can see yourself reusing those boxes over and over again, either for storage of for future removals SW3.
4)    Use eco-friendly cleaning products
With moving comes cleaning – if you neglect to clean you risk losing some of your security deposit (if you have rented your home). Some cleaning products are more environmentally friendly than others. To find out what’s friendly and what isn’t, Google the name of the cleaning products you were planning to use.
5)    Make sure you get a suitably sized transport vehicle
Get a vehicle to small and you’ll have to make multiple trips, which means you’ll be expelling at least two times the amount of petrol into the atmosphere as you would have if you were to only make one trip. Get a vehicle to big and you’ll be paying for the space you do not need. It is important to find the right balance; think of yourself as an eco-Goldilocks.
6)    Cut down on junk mail when you move into your new home
Or all mail if you can. Ask your bank to start sending you e-bills and statements instead of paper ones. Put a sign outside your home that says no leaflets. You’ll be surprise how much you can cut down on your carbon footprint by simply refusing to take leaflets.
7)    Move into a home that has double glazing
Double-glazed windows can save you money and cut your carbon footprint all in wall. As heat cannot escaped a double-glazed house as easily, it means the house retains heat for much longer. This, in turn, means you won’t have to pay as much money on your gas and electricity bills, and this means you won’t use as much energy, which is ultimately the goal for an eco-friendly SW3 move.

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